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NYC Horses

On_thg from Res Ipsa Poker put up a prop bet for the Blogger tourney happening in Vegas on Saturday. Pick 5 players aka horses (and 1 or 2 alternates). If your players make the final table you get a certain amount of points, depending on when they bust out. The buy-in for this side bet is $15. For more details, check out Res Ipsa Poker.

As for me, I decided on a strategy that in hindsight may be very foolish. I expect the New Yorkers to do well this year. Last year, when we were down to about three tables (figure 30 out of 90 people left) all of the 12 or so NYC players were still in the mix. So this year, I chose an all NYC crowd. My picks are as follows:

1. Me- How can I not bet on myself? The answer, I can not not bet on myself.

2. The Rooster- Last year's champeen and every year's A-list blogger, Rooster is a no-brainer. Anyone who hasn't chosen the Cock of the Walk for their team must hate money.

3. Bakini Mary- Sure, she looks good when wearing a bathing suit made of bacon, but the second reason why I picked Mary is because she also looks good in sausage. And, she plays a mean game of tournament poker. I expect Mary to make it to the final table without playing a single hand. She's that good (and that tight).

4. CK- What's better than a poker playing Jew? A Korean poker playing Jew. Since the three other Korean poker playing Jews I know are not playing, that left me with CK. Welcome aboard CK, and thanks for helping me fill three quotas. Diversity rocks!

5. F-Train- When you have a Korean Jew, two chicks, a Mexican flightless bird and me on a team, the only thing that'll do is an Aryan. That's where F-Train and his pure white blood comes in. Zing Heil...all the way to the final table.

Do you think you can come up with a team of five players who can beat this stellar cast? I didn't think so.

Final thought: Come to think of it, you shouldn't join the contest, as I have already picked the perfect team.

Until next time, make mine poker!

posted by Jordan @ 2:48 PM,


At 4:02 PM, Blogger BWoP said...

You *do* realize that F-Train was the first NY-er to go busto last year . . .

Those Aryans are dead weight.

At 8:34 PM, Blogger Dawn Summers said...

hahahah and thusly we decided he belonged to Jersey! hahahah and your all NY cast included two vegans. I'm picking a team and you're going down!


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