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WSOP Prop Bets Finale

At the beginning of June, HoP started its epic quest to destroy bankroll building with tiny prop bets on the World Series of Poker, the greatest event in poker history. This is the result of that epic quest:


Fuel55 (+$11.95)

Ingoal (push)

UWannaBet ($9, subject to change)

Add the $20 I won in a HORSE last longer bet with Joe (aka Unimpressed), and it was a fairly decent WSOP for a guy who makes small prop bets and hasn't stepped foot inside of the Rio ever. I stand to make about $40 total (with Joe's bet) all for sitting on my ass.

All losers (I'm looking at you Fuel) can send the money to HighOnPoker at Full Tilt or HighOnPokr (no E) at PokerStars. I don't think it needs to be said, but just in case, hold off on sending anything until everything is set, UWanna.

Until next time, make mine poker!

Another fine series of blogger prop bet wins, brought to you by HighOnPoker!

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Thanks, High Poker!


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