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In multi-table online poker tournaments, you do not have the option to choose your seat. You must sit at your assigned table and seat. However, there is a tournament format in which table selection does come into play.

Table Selection in Tournaments: Sit and Gos

When it comes to poker online, a single-table sit and go is the one tournament situation in which you can, to some extent, choose your table. Since there is only one table in this type of tournament, it is really a matter of choosing which sit and go you want to play.

Sit and Go Table Selection Criteria

Although you cannot observe the play of your table before joining a sit and go, be aware that many players play more than one sit and go, one after the other. Watch a few before jumping in, or at least part of a few. You may learn something about players who will be ready to join you in a sit and go once they are eliminated from their current game.

Implementing Sit and Go Table Selection

Your best bet for Internet sit and go table selection is to make notes on everyone you can. Every time you play a sit and go, make notes. When you are watching a sit and go, make notes.

Since a great many players play the same sit and go stakes on the same site day after day, you should eventually be able to read the tendencies of several players. When you find a table with more than one player whose tendencies fit in with your style, you know which table to choose.

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