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Stablantic City

Atlantic City has a variety of poker rooms, each with its own personality. If you want to play poker in an atmosphere that is private and cozy, I recommend the Showboat. If you want to play in the biggest room in town, complete with a bevvy of wannabe hotshots tossing their money around with reckless abandon, I suggest the Borgata. And if you want to be the victim of a crime, I suggest the Trump Taj Mahal.

Before the poker boom and the Borgata, the Taj sported the largest poker room in AC. It also was known as a dirty room. This meant two things. First, their chips were filthy. If you played at the Taj, you could pretty much guarantee that your fingernails would look black with caked-in dirt by the end of a session. Second, the players were dirty. I had heard rumors of collusion before, and I even experienced something that wreaked of collusion the last time I played there, many moons ago. Since then, whenever I have brought up the "dirty" Taj room while at AC, I am usually regaled with a story from a local about a team of signalers or other dastardly deeds.

So it comes as no surprise that the following took place in AC. This Saturday, a black gentleman was playing 1/2 NLHE at the Taj and, after busting, asked that his seat be saved so that he could get more money. While players heard him, the dealer did not, and gave up the black guys seat to an old white guy. When the black guy returned, he was noticeably miffed. The floor was called and it was decided that the seat was forfeited to the white guy. Not long after, the white guy left to take a smoke break outside. This angered the black guy more, as he had been dethroned for a player who wasn't even playing.

As the white guy was walking back to the poker room, the black guy confronted him. According to third-party accounts, the black guy began to accost the white guy, grabbing the white guy's cane and hitting the white guy. That's when the white guy pulled out a knife and slashed at the black guy, cutting the carthoid artery in his neck, spraying blood on both of the participants in this macabre dance. The result is one dead black guy and an arrested old white guy.

At least the Taj Mahal is maintaining its street cred.

The full reported story (with meager details) is located HERE. The other details were provided by good pal Dave Ruff, and likely comes from a third (or fourth) source.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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