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The Gathering Update

I've termed the potential blogger gathering in AC as The Gathering because it really is the best word for the trip. I don't particularly plan on, well, planning much, aside from suggesting a few tournaments to swarm, suggesting a hotel, and choosing a weekend. I have not been to any of the Vegas blogger gatherings, but AC is no Vegas. We cannot get private tournaments, and we do not have the convention center resources. But really, these trips are for two things, poker and people. I know I'll have the first one, and hopefully the second, but even if it is just you and me playing at the 1/2 NL tables and kicking ass at a Showboat tournament, we'll still be having fun.

With that said, let me tell you what I do know. I do know that I asked wifey Kim if she would have a problem with a weekend trip in March for poker, and she didn't flinch. God bless her. So, for all intents and purposes, I expect to be able to go.

The planned weekend for the trip is March 9-11 (Friday-Sunday), and it coincides with the WSOP Circuit event at Caesar's. The events that weekend are outside of my bankroll, but a few of you might be interested. You can see the full schedule (8 events over 8 days) HERE. Otherwise, the weekend events are as follows:

Friday, March 9, 12pm- $500+60 NLHE.
Saturday, March 10, 12pm- $1000+80 NLHE.
Sunday, March 11, 12pm- $200+30 Ladies Event.

The Main Event (essentially $5k buy-in) starts on Monday, but there are satellites and mega-satellites all weekend (and likely Satellites to the other events as well).

Realistically, I don't plan on spending much time at Caesar's at all, unless some bloggers are playing the events, in which case, I'll railbird (and likely buy some of your action, if you are interested). Otherwise, I plan on playing in the many poker rooms in the Boardwalk-area hotels. Borgata is supposed to be great, too, but for my money, I like being on the Boardwalk, where the rooms are cheaper, the poker is plentiful, and you can get everywhere by foot.

The High On Poker Hotel Buyer's Guide for Atlantic City suggests one rule: Get the Cheapest Room at a Hotel with a Casino on the Boardwalk. There are about 8-10 hotels that fit this description, and I've stayed in every one but three. I've played in those three, though, and can say with confidence that the hotels will all do the trick.

A quick perusal finds these rates:

Bally's- $249/night (via Travelocity). This is right next to Caesar's and centrally located on the Boardwalk. Bally's has a poker room. It's the only smoking room in AC, though, and you need a compass, shirpa and hunting dogs to find it.

Showboat- $300/night (via Travelocity). This is the official hotel of High On Poker. It has a great poker room and tournaments four times, daily.

Ug. It looks like the tournament or something else is causing a rush for rooms that weekend. Tropicana is sold out on Saturday, and Hilton is sold out on Friday. Other rates are not too great. Resorts was listed at $300/night on one site, but Showboat is better. Flagship was also listed for a good price, but it doesn't have a casino, so it fails the HoP test. There are also a shit load of crappy hotels in the area, but I leave that up to you. Me, I ride in style. I'd rather split a Showboat room with one other person and pay $300 for the weekend.

I've received interest from about 6 or so bloggers, but I'm not holding anyone to anything. If you are interested, please let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email at HighOnPokr AT yahoo DOT COMMUNIST. I'll create a list and we can start brainstorming together.

I've touched on this before, but let me just explain how I see this coming together ideally. I would like to start booking rooms in the next few weeks. I expect each individual to work out their own rooming situation, but I'll be happy to act as a hub to set people up or facilitate everything. Once we know who is going, I will choose a central meeting place for Friday night. We'll get some food (I'll make reservations depending on the amount of people and feasability), and after we will hit a poker room. I'll also designate a tournament or two to storm, but don't feel obliged. Everyone is free to do as they please. We'll probably also arrange a place to meet for breakfast, and/or a few other meals, but overall, it'll be all very organic. We'll meet up when convenient, and individuals or groups can break off as they desire. If you don't know anyone, no problem. Stick with me. I'll keep you informed as much as I can as to what everyone else is doing, and we'll hit up some poker rooms and tournaments. I know the AC Boardwalk like the back of my pimp hand, and would be glad to show anyone around.

Hmm...I guess I didn't do a great job illuminating what is going to happen. Sorry, folks, but I really just plan to go for the weekend and meet up with whoever else may want to go. I would love to all play in a tournament and maybe get a small side-bet going, enough so that the winner is at least freerolling. I am not too hot on having meals with 20+ people because the logistics always suck, but I don't mind meeting up at 1am at the bar for cocktails.

I plan on booking a room at Showboat soon. I love their poker room, and they have nice accomodations. They even have a video-poker bar where (like Vegas) you can drink for free if you are playing. In fact, its the only AC bar I know of that has this rule. Showboat's tournaments are also the best bang for under $100, and the Saturday 11pm is $120 or so, which also isn't bad.

The only shortcoming to Showboat is that they are on one of the ends of the Boardwalk. It is still very safe, but if you want to walk to the Tropicana (nice-sized poker room with lots of different games) or Hilton (smaller room with lots of different fish), it'll take probably 20-30 minutes on foot. That said, the Taj Mahal is next door (and attached so you don't have to go outside), and is the 2nd biggest room in AC (albeit, the most dirty and the one with the most rumors of collusion/cheating). Other rooms are also a short 5-10 minutes away, AND you can take a free shuttle to Caesars, Bally's, and Harrah's (near the Borgata at the Marina section of AC).

Have questions, will answer.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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At 11:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm interested, once I'm back in NY (summer?) and legal :(

At 9:27 AM, Blogger AlCantHang said...

"We cannot get private tournaments..."

Why do you say that? I'm working on getting one right now.

At 9:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My people at DBPoker have done a private tourney at the Taj and the Hilton.

If I am in trial in Philly, I will have just picked a jury by this weekend, so I may be able to stop by. I look forward to hearing more!

At 10:19 AM, Blogger Jordan said...

I said that they don't allow private tournaments because that was what I was told in the past when I had tried. That said, if anyone can get a private tournament going, lets do it. I would, but since I have already tried and failed, and since I don't have any idea who will attend as of now, I am going to lay low on setting up a private tournament.

On a side note, I already booked my room at Showboat. It'll cost less than the Bally's rate if you have a Harrah's/Showboat/Bally's/Caesar's card. I am still looking for a roommate, though.

At 10:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Hilton also let us run a 4/8 Dealer's Choice game. Man that was fun.

At 11:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

may be interested in being a roomate, you shooting for two to the room or 4?

At 11:41 AM, Blogger Jordan said...

I prefer 2 to a room, Ebs, but I'm willing to expand to 3 (with a cot). I also plan on renting a car for about $140 (unless I can get a ride), so if you want in on that, let me know.

At 12:01 PM, Blogger Alceste said...

Also interested (assuming non-blogging commenters get to participate).

At 12:08 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

Alceste, all are invited to attend. High on Poker is an Equal Opportunity Poker Site.


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