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A Very Roose AC (AC Trip Report Pt 4)

We are going to try something a little different today at High On Poker. My main man Roose, brother from a different mother, partner in crime, and life of the party, has bestowed us with a trip report of his own. So I'll let him do the heavy lifting today. Here goes nothing:

AC Trip ala Roose

After the Showboat buffet, which I believe to be the better of the boardwalk buffets, we each headed our own separate ways to "empty" ourselves which most buffets do to you time after time. Said goodbye to the 'rents and headed to the poker room for the 10 pm tournament, which as you know I chopped first in. Just keep this in mind, this was my first big tournament win, and certainly not my last. Some highlights, as soon as I sat down, I immediately scoped out the players that I wanted to keep an eye on and the ones that I knew were weak. Jordan to my right in the #9 seat and me in the #1 seat, I see this guy to my left who looked about mid 40s, like he's been playing a while and knew what he was doing. Lo and behold, he raised in position, re-raised when he saw weakness and folded when he knew he was beat. He was a good player. BHAM, my number one victim to take out. Unfortunately he was the one to take Jordan out early, and I vowed to take him out for revenge. I know this is not the way to play, but sometimes, you gotta represent your friends at the table. I believe I was the dealer, first to act folded went around with 1 other person calling, with AKs in my hand and position, I knew I was strong. With blinds only being 100-200 I knew people would call if I minimum raised them, so I rasied to 800. Good player to my right re-raises me thinking I'm #1 weak, or #2 playing position. Big blind folds, and the caller folds, heads up, exactly where I wanted him to be. Flop is 4-A-K, he immediately raises to 1000, I knew at that point I had him, just whether or not to just smooth call or re-raise. I smooth call the 1000 and the turn is a 10. I immediately put him on AT and with no flush draws out there, I was hoping he had AT. The two famous words that I love to hear "All In" was shouted and I call, with the blank on the river Mr. Good Player is out of the tournament. I go over to the cash table where Jordan is and tell him of my vengeful takedown, and knew my job was done and I can now continue playing tight until I reach the final table. At one point, this old man, who caught KK 3 times and QQ twice took a huge chunk out of my stack and I was down to maybe 300 chips or so. I get moved over to a smaller table where the old man was sitting to my right and I even told him before we started at that table that I would get my chips back. With 3 double ups against him, I got my chips back and more. the table was flabbergasted. When I reached the final table, I played tight again, only raising in position and folding most hands trying to climb the ranks by watching others go out. For the most part that plan worked, I ended up taking 2 of them out myself and with only 5 positions paying out, I had to sit back a little. When I kenw I was in the money, I loosened up a little, raising with mediocre hands and at that point I was big stack, so I was playing it well, some of them even commented on it and I loved every minute of it. Eventually there was 3 of us left, this one girl was playing tighter than a virgin hooker (Jordan comment: I would've also excepted "tighter than a frog's ass"). I had A5c, I raised, she went all in, I called and she flipped over AJ. Basically, I caught the straight on the river and she was pissed. Hey man, that's poker :-). Finally, my best game at hand, heads up, this russian guy knew I wasn't playing around, with him the chip leader by about 50,000, we both knew it would be over in a few hands. So he announces those beautiful words... "do you want to chop?" I almost jumped up from my chair and kissed him. With Randy and Robby Hole behind me cheering me on, they were as excited as I was, and at that point, we all knew it was going to be a good weekend...

Now with Jordan explaining the craps, the poker, the strippers, and Ilan placing 4th out of 113, we were all riding high. After a weekend like that, who could complain? As everyone left, including Jordan, it was me, Robby Hole and Randy Hole left deciding whether or not to go to the Borgata poker room to play a sit 'n go before we headed out, which I have never been to before and was pretty anxious about getting to. After about 20 seconds or so, we decided it was time to move out and headed to the Borgata. I never liked the Borgata as a whole, the table games were all $25 + and the people seemed a little too snobbish. But let me tell you, I have NEVER seen a poker room like this. I kenw it was going to be big, but damn!! I now believe in love at first site, the colors, the feel, the atmosphere, the space, the layout, I almost creamed my pants right there. Anyway, we all decide to check out the tournament situation, and with the lowest Sit N Go being $60+15, my name was on that list faster than you can say double fudge packer with dressing on the side. (Jordan comment: Knowing Roose, the dressing is Creamy Italian). At that point, Randy announced he was hungry, so they pointed him downstairs to the food court. Robby and I head over to get a poker card and lock in our seat. Randy was nowhere to be found, looks like he was going to miss the tournament while waiting for the big 30 min. burger, gotta suck. Of course, before the tournement started, I do my scoping of the table, wasn't much at all. Except for the "talker" who was trying to get everyone to have a good time, being a talker can have its ups and downs and you'll see why in a second. Naturally, Robby sits to my right and the talker to my left. I feel like there was a clown to the left of me and I was stuck in the middle :-). The cards are dealt out and the tournament on the way, my hands still shaking with excitement, it was a great table, and mostly because of that "talker." I can tell he was a decent player, a little too aggressive for my taste, but a good player. I could also tell because the dealer knew him by first name, so that was a green light. This is why I love talkers at a table, it would be his turn, before he looked at his cards he would be gabbing and laughing, lift up the cards, whammo! silence, and what do you know, a raise. I couldn't have read him better if he actually showed me his cards. I don't know if other people saw this or not, but I don't know how they couldn't. I know Rob and I saw it right away, we even spoke about it. When Robby got out, I knew it was destiny all over again and when it was The Talker and I heads up, I knew it was over for good. Except for the fact that he kept out rivering me, I would've had him about 30 min. earlier that it went. For example, I was big stack, and I'm the button. He goes all in, I call. He flips up 7-4 off suit and I have A-J off or something of the like. Cards come out with Ace on the flop and a 7 high straight on the river for him. He kept doubling up, and at one point he had more chips than I did. I knew I needed to slow down just a little bit. I get pocket 7s, go all in and he calls with A3, win the pot and cripple him. At that point, we both agreed to flip the cards up with both of us all in pre-flop. I couldn't take this emotional roller coaster anymore, might as well make it an All In Luckfest, because that's exactly what it was. He STILL kept doubling up and at one point again, he was almost past me. Until I had J7 and he had A5, flop comes out x-x-A, I knew I was in trouble. The turn is a J, and I'm still alive and well. The river is.......... J!!! and I scream out "FINALLY!!!!!" We hug and say good game, and call it a day or should I say weekend.

It was a great weekend as always in AC, if I win or lose it doesn't really matter. I'm there with good friends and good times. But it doesn't hurt when you win, you have that extra little smile driving back 3 hrs to NY.

Until next time... ROOSE OUT!!

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At 4:45 PM, Blogger Dave said...

Sweet returns! Bet it felt good to come out ahead like that. Grats man. And ya, it's very few who ride home ahead of the game. Nice job.

At 8:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best line ever...

"... I immediately scoped out the players that I wanted to keep an eye on and the ones that I knew were weak. Jordan to my right in the #9 seat and me in the #1 seat.."

Where you two the weak ones?

At 12:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the trip reports.

Thanks for making it out to the tourney last night.


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