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Hung Over

Sometimes, I feel like I have a poker hangover on Mondays. This weekend, I had some success at Genoa, followed by some minor success online. If you haven't read about my Genoa trip, check out the last post. To sum it up, I dance on the grave of those I have vanquished.

But, onto yesterday, when I placed in a 250+ person MTT at Royal Vegas. I am a big fan of Royal Vegas, mainly because their bonus via VPP is very easy to earn. After that, they sent me a free $10 to use at their site, to entice me to return after I left for more Bonus Whoring (more on that later). Soon after, when I was centralizing my poker funds, I found an additional $50 in my Royal Vegas account, provided as a Refer a Friend bonus. Lucky me! I don't know who signed up there, but thank you!

So, I sign up for the 12:10 pm $10 freezeout MTT with GCox. I double up on the first hand with KK, when some yahoo re-raises me all-in with AJo. Gary doubles up as well, when his suited connectors flop a straight flush. An hour later and we are seated at the same table. Veneno railbirded for a bit, and then disappeared. GCox and I were well into the field when he suffered a string of losing hands which I don't presently recall. As soon as he lost he was gone from the comp. I don't blame him one bit. DP railbirded for the remainder of the tourney. I was in great shape when we were near the bubble (30 places paid), but my KK (I think) ran into AJ again, and the AJ hit a J on the flop and a J on the turn. At least I think that was the hand that crippled me. I stuck it out until I was in the money and finally made my move when the timing was right. I still lost, but at least I placed. Yeah for small victories!

After that, I took some time off the comp. I went back a little later to do some bonus clearing on Gaming Club Poker via my PSO promotion. I'll get back to that later. But let's fast forward to late last night. It was 11pm and I decided to fire up the comp one more time. This time, Veneno, DP, Weak Player, Sox Lover and I decided to play an SNG. We played on PokerStars, which was a mistake. Those tables fill up so fast that V got left out. I wish I was left out too.

DP was on my left and catching cards. He also was playing extremely well, and took me for a couple of hands. I busted out in 6th or so when I was on the button with KJ. I called someone's small raise and hit my K on the flop. The player, a big stack, bet small to me. I bet back small expecting and hoping he would re-raise all-in. He did and I called. He had a flush draw and hit it on the river. God damnit! That's poker.

Now, let's do a little discussion about Bonus Whoring. I discovered something very upsetting from Gaming Club. On top of the PSO promotion, I was trying to earn their promo, which I believe is a free $50 after 350 raked hands. I was at 300 raked hands (.25 or more raked, .50/1 limit or higher), when I realized that the counter for the bonus wasn't increasing. After contacting Gaming Club, I was informed that their bonus was only available if the raked hands were at 2/4 or higher. I believe that the other raked hands will count for my PSO promo. So, what is a man to do? Yep. I moved to 2/4. Oh well oh well.

I still hope to get back to Hollywood and finish my bonus there. I was fairly close before I last busted. Then I'd like to finish my bonus at Titan, which is still over $100, released in $10 increments. I love Titan/Noble too, so it'll be nice returning. Noble gave me a free $10, which I lost half of in an HU SNG. Damn you, free money!

AC this weekend. I'm damn excited.

I don't muck him as far as I can throw him.
And with your bad knees you shouldn't be mucking anyone.

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At 11:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like PokerStars better than UB for tournaments but unfortunately there is no SnG invitation option on Stars, which makes it not so good for playing with friends.

Unfortunately my UB account is suspended so I gotta get that fixed.

And Jordan, I told ya I was going to give you a hard time in that SnG, especially being to your left.

At 4:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man I gotta make an AC trip sometime...I'll get in touch with you someday to see if we could go at similar times (also known as together).

Nice score at Royal...I gotta check them out...

At 4:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

DP, you were definitely giving me a hard time. I respect that greatly.

Trip, you give me two weeks notice and I'm there. I love AC!

At 6:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog. I appreciate the advice. Full Tilt and Stars were the two sites I heard talked about the most, so those were the two I joined to start this online thing. I will definitely check out Golden Palace and planned to also stop by UB and Titan/Noble. So far the holidays are looking to be not too damaging to my bankroll. Of course I've got to spend $400 or so on a new monitor after mine caught fire last night. No damage, just sparks and smoke. Enjoy the bonuses. If you get a referral to any sites, let me know the code. Otherwise, if there's somebody else you want to help out (I know Pauly has referrals to several sites), let me know.

At 6:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I can read! I just realized you've got your referral tags off to the side. Just sleepy here at work I guess. Hope the transit strike doesn't mess you up too much. I'll take my chances with So Cal rush hour. Good luck!


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