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4 for 6

Yep, 4 for 6. That's my record playing at Genoa's tournaments. Today, I entered their 3pm $40+10 NL HE tournament, which included an added $300! The result, a solid 2nd place payday of $100 profit, after I made a deal with the uber-chipleader (he had more than a 3:1 chiplead). It was touch and go, too, after a failed semi-bluff early on that left me with 525 (down from 2000) within 20 minutes of the game's start.

It was an interesting tournament. When it started, there were only 5 players, so only the top place would get paid out. As is Genoa's policy, three players jumped in within the first 3 rounds, raising the pot and the competition. I was able to withstand my short stack and make some great moves to make it to 2nd.

With only 5 players starting, I knew I had to play a little looser than usual. To my left was a guy who looked like Will from Will & Grace, a handsome, well groomed and dressed guy. His look and more importantly his very calm demeanor screamed that he was a player that was not a show-boater.

To his left was a guy who I've played with a number of times. He looks similar to me, with a shaved head and similar figure. He's the type of player to overvalue his good cards that miss the flop. He's also willing to mix it up with crappy cards. In the end, he was shortstacked and lost when he stupidly pushed pre-flop in the cutoff with 67o. Sucker! He was the first of the late players.

To his left was Josh, a guy that really pissed me off. I can't exactly explain it. He was over-confident, a bit of a wise-ass. When I doubled up from 525 (my 66 v. his 33), I said, "back in business." The prick jumped all over that line, "I hope to say 'back in business later'". I shot back, "you can do it. I've been watching you and you aren't completely hopeless." As it turned out, he was. He busted in 5th place. On my sunglasses: "Those glasses are making it impossible to read you." (Wiseass prick!) My response: "Maybe you should get them and I wouldn't have been able to peg you on 33." I took particular glea when he busted out...with 33. Prag!

Following him was the eventual winner, an Aussie named Jordan (hey, two Jordans won), who was actually quite obvious and bad. But, he was getting good cards and the other players were playing stupid against him. God bless them, because I'd rather have him win than Josh.

Next up, the latest-comer of all, Asian dude. Good thing he showed up. It ain't poker without an Asian dude or chick, hopefully with glasses. This won wore them glasses. He was really never a factor in my game. Another donator to the pot.

Next was the owner. I think his name is Billy. He told a story early on about how he busted last time with KK v. AA. Fifteen minutes later, he busted when his KK ran into AA.

Finally, Fat Slob rounded out the table. I tried to keep out of his way, not because of his skillz, but rather, I don't like winning pots off of him...his chips are often covered in bacon grease and smell of cheatos.

So, that was the field. Will & Grace won an early pot off of me when my TJ flopped an inside straight draw. It checked around. I bet on the turn, which gave me a T-high flush draw. He called. The river gave me the flush. I bet big and he called with the 2nd nut flush. Oh well, oh well. He had me the whole was with top-pair anyway.

With only 525 after a couple of blinds, I finally saw 77. I limped, with slightly more than 10x the BB, and Josh pushed all-in. There were a few limpers, so I thought, here is a guy who doesn't want callers. He wants to take it down with an overbet. I pegged him at AJ. But if I wanted to win, I'd have to make a move. I called after everyone else folded. I took down the hand when the turn gave me a full house (626/7/8).

I lost a couple of small hands and was back to 550 UTG, with 50/100 blinds. I was hoping for any Ace to push with the entire orbit. UTG I get JJ. I push all-in and the Asian calls with KT. No K and I doubled up and effectively put him out (he had 75 left). The next hand, the button got messed up, and I was the SB. I didn't complain. Asian went all-in. I called with Q2. Will & Grace called in the BB. Other Jordan (OJ) called as well. The flop was 228. I checked. Will checked. OJ bet 400. I called. Will folded. The turn was another low card. I checked, and OJ checked. The river was a T. I bet 750 (of my 1250 chips). OJ thought and then folded. Asian was upset. His A5 meant he was out. Sucka!

At the end, it was Will, me and OJ. I was the shortstack but doubled up when my AQ hit a 9QK flop with two hearts. I pushed. OJ insta-called with A5h. He missed his flush and I had 4K+ in front of me for the first time of the night.

Will was still well over me in chips. However, he messed up in the SB when his pre-flop raise was called by OJ. The flop was 9JQ. Will bet big. OJ pushed. Will called, as a lot of chips were already in the pot. That said, he should've folded. His K9 lost to OJ's KQ.

OJ and I played 2 or 3 hands, and I was down to 3500 or less. We had bounced around the idea of a deal. I figured $100 was a decent payday. I offered a $150-470 split and he agreed. Overall, if was counted out our chips and did it by proportion, I'd receive less. I could've played for it, and he even suggested that we play for honor. "Sorry, guy, but I play for money, not honor." I was tempted to jump into the cash game, but players had stacks of 400, and my $150 would've been wasted.

I should also note that I played the hammer both times it was dealt to me and won once with a pre-flop bet and once with a flop bet. I showed both times and said, "hammer." Saying hammer is a lot less effective live, but if I don't do it, I just feel empty.

So, there it is. In 6 attempts, I've placed 4 times and bubbled in 3rd place once, with fields ranging from 8 to 18+ players. Not a bad record at all. Love my Genoa.

Take care of yourself, and your poker.

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At 11:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It ain't poker without an Asian dude or chick, hopefully with glasses." Nice

And by rounded out the table you mean round as the table, eh?!

At 3:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Impressive! Nice score Jordan.


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