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With a Vengeance

This weekend I had the pleasure of doing very little (or so it felt). On Friday night, fiance Kim and I went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and came home to take it easy. I had just found out about my job and didn't feel like a late night. Saturday was a day of errands, which really didn't take up much time at all. Saturday night was the bachelor party (see previous post). Sunday was mostly packing for my move scheduled to occur sometime at the end of the week.

Because of this, I took the opportunity to play a bunch of SNGs on Sunday, while fiance Kim was running amok doing all the things I would put off to the last minute (love that fiance Kim!). My results were spectacular. I lost my first $10 SNG, which made me nervous. I figured it was time to kick it up a notch because the challenge is halfway done and I haven't gotten near the numbers of 1st, 2nd or 3rd place (GCox, TripJax and Kipper, in that order when I last checked). Losing didn't help. Fortunately, I placed 1st in two 6-person SNGs in a row ($5, this time), so I was up again, and in the black for the first time in a while. I later played a 6-person $10 SNG with GCox, and took 2nd. GCox took 1st after I giftwrapped it for him. I took out several players. One was a complete suckout. I had 34, and he had something like K2. I was the BB, he was the small. The flop was K64. He checked. I figured I'd put out a feeler bet. He raised me back, but he was doing this a lot. So I raised him back. He pushed. Now, I was the chipleader. And he had done this before with an AQ or something that didn't hit the board. So, I thought he had a couple of high cards that didn't hit. Worse case scenario, I knew I could possibly draw out on him. I called...and hit a 3 on the river for 2 pair. I felt a bit bad, but he was talking smack, so I let him have it, giving the usual, "sorry that you suck so much" and "check out if you want to learn poker". I'm an ass and a shill, admittedly. He called me predictable, which led to this hand against the 3rd place finisher. I was still chipleader on the button. I raised 2x the blind. GCox folded. BB called. The flop was J83 or something similar. J was the high card. I checked. He pushed on a small stack and I called, saying "how is this for predictable." Dude had J4 and lost to my JK. The truth is, the play WAS predictable, but it was profitable too. So now its just GCox and me. I have 6800 or so, and he has 2200. I don't remember exact hands, but he scraped his way back. Then a bad hand later, and I was down to 140. I doubled up once or twice, but it wasn't meant to be. Damn that GCox! Damn him to hell!

I'm still about $100 short, but I have a strategy which will hopefully pay off. I'm going to escalate to $10, because my play has improved since the beginning. Once next week rolls around I may bump it to $20, even if my bankroll hasn't grown much. I'm looking to win or place in this thing. I might lose my initial $55 in the process, but that extra $100 win (or $25 2nd place) will encourage me to go balls to the wall.

Have fun. The poker's fine.

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At 11:23 AM, Blogger TripJax said...

I say do 1 SNG for $50+5. What could go wrong?



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