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Victory is Mine

After posting my last post, I checked my comments and found this gem:

D said...
LOL, no hope for me, I hit a bad run the other day. Well not so bad but was at a 6 table max, with just one person. He would not fold and hit his 4 outters on me about 4 times. I went on tilt. Lost about you are safe Jordan. I was actually going to concede victory is yours, I want to practice some sit-n-go's before the challenge.

VICTORY IS MINE! I hath smote the beast, climbed the mountain, and laid thy virgin!

Thank god.

Now some time to reflect.

DNasty, thank you for being such a great competitor. D introduced me to the limit challenge's structure, and the competition format made it that much more interesting. Before the limit challenge, I was a lost calf, in the meadow of poker. I would frolic and play, but I had no direction. Then I was roped it by farmer D and the limit challenge ranch and force-fed the steroid-supplement limit game. Before this, I'd roam free and eat all sorts of random grazing, including NLHE ring games, SNGs, Omaha, Stud. My diet was dispersed, but the limit game focus was better for me. Much like the little calf that thinks, "One day I want to be an angus steak," I wanted to be a solid player. The limit challenge fed me what I needed. Focus, patience (see last post, as this is still a tricky one), and the fundamentals.

Plus, I won $100+, and $25 from DNasty.

Stay tuned for the SNG Challenge beginning July 11th. Until then, I'm going to have to get into some vigorous SNG training, and hopefully take on another MTT before the week is out.

Wish me luck. And thank you once again DNasty. I think we've built something great with the Limit Challenge. Just look at the SNG Challenge, which brought in 6 competitors from 5 continents! Looking to the future, I can already see the Heads-Up Challenge, and beyond.

posted by Jordan @ 9:54 AM,


At 11:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on your victory. I am looking forward to the challenge on UB. In fact I am going to make my deposit into there tonight.


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