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Shmoozin' and Losin'

Its been a busy day, so I'll try to keep this brief. I played three games last night: two $10+.50 heads-up SNGs, and a $5 Maui SNG (a regular SNG with a bonus if you place 1st or 2nd in 5 Maui SNGs in a row).

The first heads-up SNG was going extremely well. My opponent was steadily folding to minimum bets of 10 (out of a starting 1000 chips). I used this to my advantage and wittled him down to about $600. I finally pushed him into going all-in with his 66 v. my 99, but the 6 came on the flop, and I began to push my luck. Fiance Kim reminded me that we had to leave in 10 minutes, and the way my opponent was dragging his ass, I couldn't wait any longer. I pushed, pushed and pushed, but finally lost when my K high lost to his T or J high. Impatience is a bad thing.

Later that night, I decided to win back my $10 (minus to the .50 fees I paid). I got into another heads-up SNG with a fool who folded to any bets. GCox will attest that I was bluffing one out of every three hands AT LEAST! Inside straight draw? Raise! 9 high, Raise! And so forth. I actually showed my 23o post-flop bluff (AK9 board), to loosen my opponent up. I like heads-up play, but when they are playing like a scared kitten, there's not much fun in it. I finally took it down when he was left with 600 or so and raised from 40 to 80 pre-flop. I was betting him out on everything so I called with Q6o. The flop was 78Q. I raised a bit. He pushed and I called. He had A8. Technically, he got screwed on the flop, but the truth is, he screwed himself way before that. Remember folks, you have to put yourself in position where you DON'T have to win an all-in bet. It's not enough to say, "I got in there with the best of it." You need to get yourself in a position where you don't necessarily even need the best of it. That said, when you are dwindled down, having the best of it is always a huge plus.

As for the Maui SNG, I played fold'em until we were down to 6 and then fell apart. I don't even remember the situation, but I was betting too much, and I just lost it. There is nothing more to it than that.

It was a pleasure seeing GCox and DNasty though. We were IMing, and keeping track of each other. I'd love to get into an SNG with them, but it didn't work out and tonight I'm playing live at Robbie Hole's home game. Look forward to a You Decide or good write up tomorrow. I'm busy as shit, so I'm out.

Poker Up!

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At 6:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

AIM screenname --kipperfly

At 6:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

blew I hit enter too soon. But thoose are my two screennames I don't use AIM a whole lot but will get on from time to time. I will do so more now that I am playing poker

At 9:56 PM, Blogger WillWonka said...

Thanks for dropping by my site... Good luck to you in the challenge


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