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Free at Last

Without the shackles of the Limit Challenge (they were gold, fur-lined shackles, but shackles nonetheless), I played a variety of games last night. First, I gave away a chunk of change in limit. Nothing new there. I proceeded to follow some of GCox's winning ways by trying out the .50/1 Omaha Limit tables. I did extremely well, and recovered just about all of my limit holdem losses. Thanks GCox!

I decided to try out some SNGs, and did terrible. In an Omaha SNG, I came in 4th out of 6. In a NLHE SNG I came in 6th of 6, thanks to some half-assed plays. In a "Maui 10 person SNG" I came in 3rd, taking home $10 (or 4.50 in profit). So, overall my investment was 16.50, and my return was $10. Looks like trouble! I'm a bit rusty at SNGs, so I'm going to practice all week. I have a goal too. Noble has these "Maui SNGs" which has a really cool bonus structure. If you get 1st place in 5 Maui SNGs in a row, you win something like $18,000, which goes up every week until claimed. If you get 1st or 2nd, 5 times in a row, you get $200. I already had a 2nd under my belt, but that's gone to waste since my last 3rd place finish. That said, I think I do better in 10-person SNGs anyway. So, I'm hunting for that $200 prize (and wholly acknowledge my slim chances of hitting the jackpot).

I withdrew $100 from my Noble account, to ensure that "winning" feeling. I preceeded to deposit $55 of that $100 into Ultimate Bet, the home of the SNG Challenge, inadvertently (but happily) providing DNasty13 a bonus. I guess I listed him as my reference several weeks ago when I openned (but didnt deposit) into the account. Now that I have a UB account, I'm itching to play there, but I must be patient, as the SNG Challenge starts on July 11th.

Complaint time. I saw GCox25 playing yesterday on Noble. I went to his room, but the table was full. While railbirding, I typed something into the chat box...and it wouldn't send the message through because I wasn't playing at the table! What is the point of finding a player if you can't talk to him when you get there. GCox was also playing in the $20 MTT. No surprise there.

That's all for now. I am playing at Robbie Hole's homegame on Thursday night, so I'm excited for some poker action. May the chips be with you.

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At 10:45 AM, Blogger GaryC said...

Check out WillWonka's comment on my blog from yesterday. I think I will be trying that out tonight.
I'll send you an e-mail also.


At 8:10 AM, Blogger D said...

Check out pokernerd. He's playing an insane amount of SnG's. At 50 each...Damn


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