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Mission Accomplished

I earned my bonus on Empire, and I have to say, I think I love the site. The .50/1 game has been easy pickins so far. It seems like some players don't know how to fold. I'm just following my usual patterns (with minor variations throughout to throw off savy players, and I haven't had a losing session yet. With the $25 bonus, my Empire bankroll has reached over $125 from my original $50. I'm very tempted to withdaw $50, but I think I'll wait till I hit $150, or maybe $175. Right now, neither goal seems too out of reach.

In addition, I am thinking of taking advantage of their referral bonus. I'm thinking of referring my brother, who is also my roommate, but doesn't play poker (wink wink). Its an easy $50. I almost wonder why I've not been bonus whoring before this venture. I suppose in the past, I could never clear my bonus. But that was before I was playing low limit hold'em (as opposed to no limit ring games and tournaments). Now, I was able to clear 125 raked hands in a day, collecting my bonus with ease. To receive the referral bonus, brother Keith will have to play 125 raked hands as well. No problemo.

On a final note, if anyone wishes to sign up for Empire, please feel free to leave a comment or email me ( if you wish to use me as a referral. I could use the bonus, and I think you get a 20% bonus as well. ParOtherwise, good luck to all. A happy Passover to all Jewish readers. And a happy weekend to everyone else.

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