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Fun with Omaha, and Penny Fractions

Hi readers. I think I might actually have some readers. I've been spreading the word amongst friends and fellow bloggers when I find a good blog. Hopefully this will blossom into something worthwhile. Otherwise, this is little more than literary masterbation. Oh, and feel free to post comments, even if just to say hi. It's always nice to know people are reading.

I just finished playing in a 14 person pot limit Omaha tournament on GoldenPalace, in which I came in 6th place. In my last hand the blinds were 200/400, I had under 2400, in the big blind, and all players folded besides the small blind. I held 55TT, and decided to push all of my chips in. The small blind had AAXX (X = I don't remember). Bad timing on my part.

I swear, there must have been 20 all ins in a row in which the small stack won. It's very un-online-like, in which it seems like any time you go all in, the person with the bigger stack will win. I used to feel like it was a conspiracy. My theory went that the site wants you to lose a tourney so you buy into another one or a ring game. But then I realized that bad luck happens everywhere. The only difference is that online you can blame the computer program. It sort of reminds me of why I don't like video poker at casinos or elsewhere. I always feel like the video poker computer program is programmed against me. This is totally unfounded. Meanwhile, I will play roulette, one of the worst odds in the casino, without a care in the world.

On that note, let me relay something that a friend said. My fellow poker degenerate, fraternity little brother and good friend Dre once explained to me why he doesn't play online at all. Now, he is far from poor, and he loves poker, so I just assumed he'd play online. Our conversation went like this:

Jordan (me): Hey Dre, sign up for Golden Palace and we can play together.
Dre: Nah, man, I don't play online.
J: What?! Why the hell not?
D: The online casino steals from you.
J: What do you mean? I never saw anything missing.
D: Every month they take fractions of pennies from all of the players. You don't notice it but thats how they make their money.
J: (stunned silence) You are joking right?
D: No, I swear.
J: They can have my penny fractions. I just want to play poker.

So, the moral of the story is, if you want to steal penny fractions from me, go right ahead. What I don't know won't hurt me. And besides, GoldenPalace performs a great service for me...instant poker access. The penny fractions are well earned.

One last thing. My online account was up to 11$ earlier, but has dipped to $5.50 after the $6 tournament. I should not have technically played in the $6 tournament, because I risked more than half of my online bankroll. However, online is more of a game than a profit-making venture. So I will go back to the low limit games, which I can't seem to lose, build up my bankroll and play smarter. Happy poker everyone.

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