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No Returns

Day three of my token frenzy saw me following the same pattern. I got home and immediately signed on to FT to start a $8.70, two-table tournament awarding 5 $26 tokens and 1 booby prize of $14. A little while later, we were on the token bubble (already in the money) and I was holding on, once again, by the skin of my teeth. I doubled up by pushing in mid- to late-position with K3o, the best hand I had seen in several orbits. In fact, it was a card dead tourney for me generally, with only no hands above 99, which I got once, and very few Top Ten hands in total. Maybe I got a 77 once, but beyond that, no 88, TT-AA, or AK/AQ.

That was fine, for the most part, since it almost aids my super-tight style. In fact, the money bubble broke when a guy decided to push all-in with a relatively healthy stack with KQo and was picked off by another guy with KK in one of the blinds. Ironically, though, the KQ guy ended up turning three of a kind Queens, to take down the pot and bust the KK. Hence, I don't mind not getting Top Ten hands, as long as I can coast along.

So with K3, I finally pushed and ran into AQs. King on the flop and I had doubled up and suddenly was healthy. The other small stack doubled up shortly after, but finally a player busted and I had my token.

It was several hours later that I decided to return to online poker. I was tired of the token tourneys, so I opted to use my new $26 token on a 45-person tournament. I played for a couple of hours, making it to the final table as one of the short stacks. 6 spots paid, and I'll just cut to the chase and tell you that I went out 7th, on the bubble.

All that work for nothing.

Thank god online poker is just a videogame...

In wholly unrelated news, I have a couple of trips planned in March. The first is for my college buddy Jefe's bachelor party. We are heading up to Hunter Mountain to ski. Er, well, at least Jefe is. I've already learned that skiing and snowboarding are not for me. I did a search for nearby casinos and discovered that my best option was 3.5 hours away. Shit. That ruined any prospects for poker on that trip.

The weekend after, I'm heading to Buffalo for my fraternity's 10-year anniversary. In college, roughly 10 years ago, me and 21 of my closest buds started a fraternity that is still going strong. We are all heading up there for the anniversary as an excuse to get drunk with old friends. Wifey Kim won't be going, so I'll have complete freedom to be the degenerate I used to be. That probably entails a trip up to the Niagara Falls casinos for poker Saturday afternoon or morning. I'll be hung over, but if I can arrange for a fraternity pledge to be my chauffer and man-servant, it should make for a good time. The fraternity may be throwing a home game, though, during that same time. When I asked about the stakes, I was told $10. Fuck. On one hand, I'd like to hang with the kids who are carrying on our fraternity. But at a $10 buy-in, it'll be hard to play seriously.

Wifey Kim has also convinced me that in addition to our Barcelona/Dublin trip this summer, we should also go to the Big Easy, New Orleans, in November for some speech convention. It didn't take me much convincing since I'd have ample time for some bayou poker while wifey Kim is learning about swallowing disorders. She has since invited some of her friends and their husbands to join us, since the wives are in the same field. On one hand, it's a fun crowd. On the other, I don't care who is there; I'm playing poker.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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At 2:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Inquiring minds are interested. Who or what is responsible for Wifey Kim's swallowing disorder?

At 2:37 PM, Blogger spritpot said...

New Orleans is awesome. Be sure to have a few good cajun meals in between poker sessions.


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