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Tragic: The Gathering

It looks like the Gathering is picking up some steam with people as far away as Canadia considering a trip to the land down under Canadia. Katitude, Guin, NewinNov, Hoyazo, and the lovely Mary have shown interest (sorry guys, but no time for linkage), and even though the IHO girls haven't said anything, they are in AC every weekend anyway.

If you are interested, the WSOP Circuit schedule for Caesars AC is located HERE. Its a good thing I found the link, too, because if you go to the WSOP website, getting to the Circuit section is like some sort of endurance test. You have to move your mouse over the Events section, and then move your mouse across the bar that pops up. The Circuit is only the second option, but the bar is thinner than Aces chances against the Hammer, so 9 times out of 10, you'll accidentally leave the bar with your mouse and have to start all over. Nice design guys! A+!

The schedule is not conducive to some of us without unlimited funds. There is a Friday $500 event starting at noon, but the Saturday event is a $1000 and the Sunday event is for broads only. There are satellites running to some of the higher events, but for my money, I'll be at the Showboat's poker room, playing in one of their 4-times-a-day tournaments. I've final tabled twice in 3 or 4 tries and chopped top 4 spots for $900 once. Roose has moneyed 2 out of 3 times, with one being a first place win/chop. It's one of the best deals around and is under $100 to buy in, except for the Saturday night game. As we get closer I'll give you some more details.

If you are looking for a room, I suggest trying a variety of locations and sites. Really, any casino hotel on the Boardwalk is the way to go, and they are all just about the same. This leaves you with the Hilton, Tropicana, Caesars, Bally's, Trump Plaza, Resorts, Trump Taj Mahal and Showboat. I love the Showboat, and hopefully that is where I'll end up, but I'll go anywhere on the Boardwalk with a casino/hotel and the lowest prices. Once again, as we get closer, I'll look into choosing a place more formally. I should note that you can walk from one end (Hilton) to the other (Showboat) in about 20-30 minutes, but its a nice walk on the boardwalk, and most likely you'll only be going part of the way. You can also get a ride in one of the pushcart thingees for those less inclined to put mileage on their shoes.

I suggest trying many different travel sites because on at least one occassion I stayed at the Trop for $99 a night thanks to Expedia, while everywhere else had it for $259+. Just to be safe, I always check a slew of sites, because each pre-buy the rooms and some site might get more buyers compared to others.

Man, I'm going on way too much.

I definitely plan on writing up the Lawyers' Game, but it will probably be tomorrow. Sorry folks, but I've got a busy day at the office.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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Hmm -- I wonder if bloggers could get an AC casino to start spreading triple draw...


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