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I only played one SNG last night. It was a $10+1 single table on Full Tilt with SLB159 and Iakaris. I bubbled in 4th when I decided to push with my 1,500 on the button with A7o and 120/240 blinds (at least). The big blind was a loose opportunistic prick, and I was having fun whooping his ass left and right. Unfortunately, he announced, "you either have an Ace-high or a pocket pair" before calling with KJ...and hitting a straight. SLB, who was actually on poker hiatus, ended up moneying, but I was burning so bad from that loss (I don't mind the play, necessarily, although caution may have been in order as we were on the bubble), and shut down the tournament immediately. Moments before Iak went out in 5th.

This was the second time I've played with Iak away from the blogger tournaments. Playing with him and SLB has been a boon for me. It reminded me of days long gone when GCox, TripJax, DNasty13, SteelerJosh, Kipper, Wonka (the first), and whoever else was on would meet for a single table SNG. During the game, we chat back and forth, discussing hands that just passed and broad strategy. We don't collude, but we do benefit from this interaction. For me, at least, the "distraction" of chatting actually causes me to pay more attention to the game. I could literally feel myself playing better as the SNG went on. In the end, I think I may have fallen back in love with poker. I just need to keep my goals in mind, adjust some things, and maybe revert back to a single-table SNG focus, especially when I can rope in the occassional fellow blogger. If you are looking to play, you can always find me on yahoo im under HighOnPokr. Leave off the last E for +EV.

So, thank you Iak and SLB for that. And thank you poker, for reminding me that even when I love you, you'll still bubble me.

I was chatting lightly with wifey Kim yesterday, when Rosh Hashanah came up. For you non-tribe members, Rosh (with a hard o) is one of the two most holy holidays to Jews. It's also on the same weekend of the Bash. I booked my room for the Bash before I did the math, and afterword had to figure out how to swing it. I decided that I would attend Rosh dinner Friday night in LI, drop wifey Kim in NYC, and head to Philly on Saturday morning. I know this is a drinking event moreso than a poker event, but I need to play some poker on this trip. So, I don't care whats going down; sometime, somewhere, I'm playing poker, even if it is a three way tourney with TripJax and PokerWolf in our hotel room at 5am on Sunday morning (whether or not they want to play, damnit!).

I also have to figure out how I'm going to explain the trip to my large extended family. "Gee, I won't be celebrating the second night of Rosh Hashanah with you because I'm meeting a bunch of my Internet friends in Philadelphia to drink a lot of alcohol." Somehow, that doesn't cut it. The line at the office is that I am visiting a friend in Philly who is holding a charity event. Sounds like I'm a nice guy that way. But my family knows about my degeneracy, so I might just tell them I'm going to Philly to play in a poker event I was invited to through my blog. That'll make the blog and me sound legitimate without having to mention my 'Internet friends.' Man, blogging is gay!

Whatever the case, I'm hella excited for the Bash, and I'm equally excited for my as-yet unplanned November vacation. Wifey Kim will be in Miami for five days soaking up sun under the guise of attending a speech pathology conference with her gaggle of female coworkers. I'm glad she gets some time to enjoy herself, as I will be going to Vegas in May with Roose for his bachelor party. But during her time away, I may as well find something to do. Right now, it'll probably be AC. I almost want to go alone and just live the life of a grinder for a couple of days. Wake up at 2pm, play poker until 6am, go to sleep, do it again. More likely, I'll find some compadres to join in the festivities. You all, of course, are invited too. Unless I go for trip possibility numero dos, Buffalo, NY. It was my college alma matter, and there is now a US casino (used to be only a Canadian one) with a poker room! Buffalo wings, beer with the current incarnation of my fraternity, and poker? That'll be hard to pass up.

Whatever the case, I'm a rambling man, so whereever I ramble will be a-ok. Until then, make mine poker!

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At 3:10 PM, Blogger Pokerwolf said...

See, this is what you get for being responsible and missing Friday. There's definitely going to be poker played then.

I don't know when else poker will be played (Saturday is probably totally out due to the Bash itself), but we can probably swing something on Sunday if we plan ahead of time.

Were you thinking cash game or tournament? I know that BG and the rest of his roomies were planning a cash game, but I don't know the logistics or set up. I do believe they have a room on the 4th floor of our hotel too.

At 3:40 PM, Blogger Riverrun said...

Im planning a trip out to Niagara Falls at the end of October for the WPT stop there. If you need a break back to your alma mater, and a bunch of drunken poker I can keep you in the loop.

At 3:55 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

I miss those days as well and hate I missed last night, but it was for the best.

I'll probably be on tonight...ish. Try to be on IM cause I will have some template questions for you...

At 4:52 PM, Blogger WillWonka said...

I miss those too. Good old days.

Now, I hardly ever have IM on... That should change... who knows

At 5:24 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

I'm down for cash, SNG, whatever, Wolf. Hopefully something will come together Saturday night.

At 5:25 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

River, no can do. With the time off in November, I don't think I can get any more time off for an October trip. But have a great time.

As for the old SNG crew, you know where and how to find me.

At 8:52 PM, Blogger Dawn Summers said...

So, I don't care whats going down; sometime, somewhere, I'm playing poker, even if it is a three way tourney with TripJax and PokerWolf in our hotel room at 5am on Sunday morning (whether or not they want to play, damnit!).

i was thinking that very thing when f-train told me that the $1000 tourney was the only poker going and me heads up! i'll bring the kem cards and chips.


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