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Pre-Talent (AC Trip Report Pt. 2)

Here we go again...

As with most AC trips, a lot is lost to booze and the gambling high. What I do know is this: after Roose won $850 or so from the 10pm Showboat tournament, everyone felt like a winner. We met up for some drinks over at the new bar in the center of the casino floor. In a Vegas-like move, Showboat had installed video poker machines into the new bar, so as long as you play, you drink for free. We ordered several rounds of drinks, most starting with a J and ending with an ose'Cuervo. Inebriated and joyful, we roamed the casino looking for new ways to lose money on stupid table games.

Ultimately, we ended up returning to poker, our usual game of choice. I sat for a bit at a new table, grinding again. I was up about $100 or so after getting lucky on a fun hand. Randy Hole was at the table. Amongst the crew, Randy is probably the most laid back about poker. Everyone at the table thought it humorous when he raised from 2 to 4 preflop at a 1/2 NL table. I loved it. It's something that I like to do myself from time to time to loosen things up.

After about 7 calls, it was my time to act from the button. I had 6c8c, and everyone was happy to have gotten a cheap flop while building an interesting pot. I put on some theatrics, looking at Randy and announcing to the table, "Sorry, folks, but I can't let you see a flop for cheap. I raise!" I threw $8 into the pot. It was another laughable raise, but that was the point. Let's build this pot and see where it goes. Randy called, as did about 3 other players. I guess the others were priced out.

The flop was Qc5c4x, so I had my flush draw and an inside straight draw. Randy bet 4 again and the action moved around to the gentleman on my right who called. I believe I raised again here to 8, just to keep the momentum going. Three of us saw the turn, an 3x, giving me a flush draw and an open-ended straight draw. Randy check and this time, my competition to my right bumped it up to 12 or so. I called, and Randi did as well.

The river was a beautiful 7. I made my 8-high straight (68 in my hand, 754...and 3, on the board). Randy checked. My opponent to my right bet out 20. I thought for a moment. I rechecked my cards to make sure that I had the stone cold nuts. "70, total." Randy chucked his cards. My opponent called and said, "I think we have the same hand, straight." "I have a straight, but its to the 8." The table actually gasped. About 5 hands later, I noticed myself nodding off at the table. Ilan had recently busted, so it seemed like a good time to call it a night.

I should probably mention that when I bought my chips at the cage, Arsenio was cashing out. We actually chatted for a bit and shared some reads on the table he left (I was considering going back there). Interesting how enemies can become friends based on some mutual respect of skill.

Once upstairs, it was clear that we would be sleeping in tight quarters. I settled into a bed next to Roose. We knew each other since we were fetuses and I don't mind sharing a bed as long as we are under different layers of blanket. Ilan took the other bed and left a spot for his bro-in-law, who was playing craps. As it turns out the b-i-l never showed and disappeared in an orgy of dice rolls until he awoke Rob at 9 am to get into the room, drop a duece and leave AC to return to NY. I can only imagine his thought process but gambling is one hell of a drug.

Rob and Randy Hole hit the floor Friday night. I was drunk and high on poker, but couldn't sleep...because of Roose. That man's nostrils put out more noise than a whole lumber mill.

You can re-read the first paragraph of my last post if you'd like. I'll paraphrase here: Roose was snoring like a freaking bansaw when I awoke hung over. Robbie Hole was sleeping on the floor and I almost crushed his head when I went to release the demons.

When I exited that bathroom on Saturday morning, I expected to tiptoe back to bed. What I found was that, like clockwork, everyone was starting to awake. We strategized a plan. At 11am was another Showboat tournament, this one actually $40+10. We would check out, dump our stuff at the concierge desk, grab some grub and get back to the poker.

All done, I sat down at a new table ready to play another tournament. This time was different. I knew that I had to play better. Roose had a great success, and now it was time to show him up. Yep, I'm petty like that.

I can go through a series of hands, but I don't think I have it in me. Let's cut to the chase. I placed 12th out of 114, two spots from the money. I played well, but at the end got unlucky in a couple of spots and found myself dominated repeatedly. I'm not boo-hooing though. I'm proud of my play, and this is the second time I've made it deep in the tournament (a while ago, I bubbled in 10th when 9 spots paid out of 58). I resolved to accept my fate.

Ilan, meanwhile, took 4th for $350+. Two for two for our crew of merry gamblers. He also won the last longer bet. Kudos to him.

When I first sat for the tournament, they actually put me immediately to the right of Roose. I was VERY pleased this time, mostly because I had arranged a little surprise. About two months ago, I told Hole about an idea for a prank. In the meanwhile, we had made t-shirts with Roose's face and the words Dead Money across the top. I wore it covertly under my other t-shirt until the tenth hand of the tournament. I stood up, stretched, and shed a layer. The players noticed my movement and looked over. I saw a bunch of smiles cross their faces. Roose then turned his head to see the shirt. We all had a good laught at, erm, with Dave, and then settled in for some poker. Ironically, Roose was the first person out from the table.

More to come later, but for now, enjoy!

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At 8:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you need to publish a picture of the t-shirt to get the full effect.

I also take high offense to the bandsaw remarks, it's enough I wake up with bruises from my girl, never expected it to come from you..... sweetie

At 8:53 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

haha...i gotta meet this roose...

At 11:39 AM, Blogger C.L. Russo said... two are okay with spooning, as long as there's a layer of blanket between you?

At 11:53 AM, Blogger Dave said...

Gawd, it's been ages since I've been out gambling at a real casino and getting ripped with licker. Thanks for stirring up some old memories. Sounds like a blast of a time. That 6-8s hand must have been a hoot to play. Glad it turned out well for you.


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