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DADI 7 Results

I have a deposition this morning, but once I get a chance, we'll work through this and figure out who is getting what. Whatever the case, thanks for playing everyone. Your fearless writer placed 15th, enough to beat Woffle's All-Star Team in a Last Longer Bet, but not enough to win the Multi-way. That honor is bestowed upon JJOK's team. But more on that later. Until then!


So, I'm back. Let's take a look at the results and see who won what?

In First Place (to no one's surprise) is Scotty McDreamy himself. Scott is one of the few High On Poker role models for his consistency and ability to make great reads. So, Scott, congratulations. Not only did you win a sweet amount of cash, but CMitch from O-poker has donated a $215 token to the DADI for it's first place winner. You can contact me at highonpokr AT yahoo DOT communication if you would like CMitch's email information, but I believe that he may have provided it to you last night. Congratulations once again Scott! (And, I've finally linked you up...I don't know why I haven't done it sooner.)

In Second Place, Grumbledook! I have to admit, I don't know Grumbledook, but congratulations to him. For his efforts, he wins an iPod Shuffle from! You can email me or go to and contact the site directly. Congratulations for your valiant effort.

In Third Place, JJOK, captain of the winning Last Longer Team. For his efforts, JJOK gets 800 VPP Points from Vegas Poker! You can collect your prize by emailing VPP at, or by emailing me. To collect the prize, you will have to open a VPP account, but you do not need to do any promotions (although you may choose to do one or more to build up your VPP points before you cash them in).

In Fourth place was, ug, SirFWalGMAN. Man, what the fudge! Not only was I stuck at his table the entire time, and had to listen to his pathetic attempts at tilting me, but then after I bust he keeps talking shit. I swear Woffle, I should kick your virtual fudging teeth in. But, nice win. Enjoy your 400 VPP points, you silly prag. Email VPP at or email me directly and I'll hook it up.

On the bubble was Grupper. I sat next to Grupper for a long time, and he was good company, especially since he liked to fold to my bets. But he got the last laugh. Like his avatar, the goat, he was stubborn and sure-footed enough to last out some bigger stacks and at least with the bubble prize. 400 VPP points are coming your way. Email VPP or me.

Finally, someone won the bounty on VPP Dave for 400 VPP points. I don't remember who it was. The letter G comes to mind. But whoever you are, I know that Dave and I explained the bounty to you, so you know who you are and you know how to contact us.

66 players. Not too bad. Thank you everyone for coming out. I should probably discuss the last longer bets now.

JJOK's team won with 51 total points, followed by Smokkee's team with 67, Team Drunkie with 79, our team with 118 and Teak Iakaris with 151! Congrats to JJOK's team. I don't know if anyone has begun transfering funds yet, but here is how we'll do it. Smokkee's team should transfer $10 each to JJOK. Team Drunkie should transfer $10 each to Drewspop. Team Iakaris should transfer $10 each to MiamiDon. My team will transfer $10 to each of the individual players on the winning team (along with an extra $5 each, since we had a little side side action against JJOK's team). Capiche?

My team DID beat our side bet with Woffle's replacement team, which consisted of CJ from Up for Poker and Katitude. I was worried about his new roster, but both of his teammates went out early. Mine lasted until 48, which wasn't much better, but I was able to make it deep enough (15th place) to win our team last longer. Woffle seemed upset that Duggle wasn't on his team. If he was, Woffle would've won. But, he wasn't, so YOU LOSE! Ah!

As for me, I played well, probably better than I've played in a long time. I played attention, I made good laydowns, I made the appropriate steals when necessary. I eventually went out with AJ v. 77 preflop all-in, but that is part of the game. I needed to win that cointoss to catapult me into good position to money with ease. So, I put it all on a "coin toss" (which I will be writing about in depth later) and lost. I now see why they say that you have to win some coin tosses to win a large field tournament (not that 66 is that large). I think I lost to McDreamy, so at least I can say that I lost to the best player in the tournament.

As expected, there were no entires in the Smack Talk contest. That's why I set the minimum at 3 entries for the contest to kick in. Last time I tried it, I got one entry, and I felt like a jerk cancelling it after the fact. It's not that people aren't talking smack. It's just that they are also playing poker, so there isn't the time or thought to copy and paste. Oh well! I'll have to find another way to give away some free stuff.

With the multitude of blogger tournaments around, I wonder at times if DADI is even necessary. I can play in a blogger-heavy tournament every day from Mon-Thurs. In fact, I wanted to so much that I found myself neglecting other things to join these games, or feeling bad about missing out. Well, I have to accept that I can't play in every single one.

Don't think I'm not happy about the proliferation. The truth is, I love it. I love playing with people who can joke around and have a good time (except Woffle, who can suck it). I like the familiarity of these games. It feels like a home game, really. That is part of the reason why DADI has sought out sponsors and added side action. We want to keep it interesting and different. It's also why it happens once a month, instead of weekly.

The point is, thank you, other bloggers, for coming out to DADI, especially after record-breaking numbers at Mondays at the Hoy and the Mookie (if I'm not mistaken).

So, does anyone think we can do a $10 rebuy next time? Just a thought. I need to speak to my compadres, but it might be a nice twist. I'm just concerned that it might scare some people off.

I think I need to go now. Superman Returns tonight! Helping wifey Kim's friends move into their new home tomorrow (somebody shoot me). Oh, and I'm off to Jamaica on Monday, so if any winners need help with their prizes, I'll either get to it when I get back (if not before) or you can contact TripJax.

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At 11:08 AM, Blogger DuggleBogey said...

Wawful's All-suck team you mean.

I managed to sneak out of my work function early and get in just after the tourney started. Even with either the luckbox's or the Kat's less than stellar finishes, we would have pwned your asses.

You got lucky that the team I picked didn't play, and it ended up based on Waffles' judgement, which as we know, isn't spectacular.

At 1:37 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

dude, i'm all over a rebuy tourney. $10r is ok with me but, maybe a $5r would be easier for the lower stakes players to handle. that would make for a donkerific prize pool.

thanks for setting up the DADI. i hope to master the art of coinflips someday.

At 1:38 PM, Blogger smokkee said...


wawful still thinks 8-high dominates A-high. sorry, couldn't help myself.

At 1:52 PM, Blogger Pokerwolf said...

I am SO IN for next month!!!

As a side note, I have an idea for the next "last longer bet". Throw me an email :

morlith at rocketmail dot communication

At 3:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a great game; I busted out earlier then I would have liked but lasted long enough to hang out with you guys for a little while. I defintly like the home game feel to it and I think adding in a $10 rebuy would only enhance that.

As for the bounty on me, that goes to Grr.Argghh (at least that's who I think it was) who busted me out by hiting his straight on the river. Nice hand; sign up for a free account at and email me at to claim your 400 VPP points.

Next time I plan to win so I don't have to pay out the bounty! :)

At 3:40 PM, Blogger cmitch said...

I have made the transfer to Scotty.

I would love a rebuy and would even bet any amount of money that I don't bust out of the REBUY tourney before the 1st break. ;)

At 4:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had a blast last night, great event as always. Thanks for setting it up and lining up some great sponsors.

Have a good weekend.


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