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Cat Napping

Last night, Mama High had Papa High bring over their new kitten. The Parents High will be heading on another vacation, god bless them, just weeks after getting their new cat, Ernie. Now, we've never had a cat before in Casa del High growing up, but wifey Kim had cats. At first, I thought that cats were creepy, but when I met wifey Kim's cats, back when she was just girl-I-was-instantly-in-love-with-but-was-still-trying-to-get-with Kim, I discovered how fun and low maintenance a cat can be. Ernie was no exception when I met him for the first time last weekend...until last night.

First off, that cat sure does like typing. On a couple of occassions, Ernie took the opportunity to tell my opponents at PokerShare, "asdjflllllllllllllllllpl;'[" How cute! But then it was time to sleep, and Ernie, who had slept all through a great episode of Lost, was wide awake, moving around our small bed (NYC apartment = de facto small bed) and choosing random body parts like my ear to be his play toy (claws, teeth and all). Aw, how cute...and annoying. At least I learned this: wifey Kim and I are not getting a cat.

I played some poker too yesterday. I started with some .50/1 NL at PokerShare and won $6.70 after about ten minutes, at which point my table broke. Their traffic is slow, so I went on to the .25/.50 NL table and won $23+. In one hand I admittedly got lucky. A short-stacked payer in the BB with about $10 called my preflop raise to $1.50 from the CO. I held AKo. He foolishly called me with KT. The flop was KJT, though, and, if I'm not mistaken, he bet $3. I raised him almost all-in, and he decided to push. On my end, I was already up about $10 and was willing to gamble it up. I had a feeling that I may've been behind, but I thought that the exposure was limited. He showed his two-pair and probably smiled...until the turn was a Jack and his two pair was counterfeited. After that hand, the table broke, and I turned my attention to Lost and Ernie.

Near the end of Lost I signed on to quickly sign up for the Mookie. I realized that wifey Kim and I would be done with the show at around 10pm, the Mookie start time, so I jumped in and planned to post and fold for a while. When I got to the game, I was at an all star table. I made some plays to chip up, but then played some hands awefully. One was against Hoff, and I have to say, he was ahead the whole time with QQ and I don't think he bet out once. I had A9 and just kept betting, sensing weakness that wasn't there. I really don't get his play though. The board was xJK on the flop, and I suppose that he was scared of the K, but no raises at all? Not how I would've played it on his end, but the proof is in the pudding and his play won the hand and extracted extra dough from me. Maybe he knew that I was hanging myself.

Shamed again, I got out of there quickly and jumped into a 5-person $20 Turbo SNG on PokerShare. I took 2nd, ensuring that it was a profitable night, up $36 or so in total. Can't complain one bit.

I'm now trying to figure a couple of bonus issues out. I've finished 300+ of my PokerShare points out of the 500 needed to get my PSO bonus. However, for me to get the 100% sign up bonus from PokerShare ($300), I need to clear 3000 points. That's a HUGE difference, and seeing how I average it will take 2 weeks to get the PSO bonus, do I want to spend 12 weeks going for the deposit bonus? Time will tell. I am, in the meanwhile, considering other bonus options. After the PokerShare PSO bonus, I'll have 12,500 PSO points, which is enough for either a $100 Party or Absolute gift certificate (+2,500 left over for a $25 gift card to Amazon or Best Buy) OR I can spend it all on gift certificates and get $125 for Best Buy or Amazon. My old quest for an iPod is still in the back of my mind, so I'm seriously considering the Amazon gift certificate...tough choice.

My original plan was to take the money and run. Then go to VPP for three promos so I can earn 2,250 VPP points, enough for an iPod Nano directly from VPP. It's still a decent plan, but maybe I should just fast forward through it all, take the $125 in gift certs, and then spend my VPP points on more gift certs. Two ways to the same goal. Let's hope this is my hardest upcoming decision.

I'm out! Have a good one.

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At 12:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think PokerShare traffic is low because a lot of people don't know the banning of North America players ended a while ago? Traffic used to be pretty good there.

At 12:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cats are small woodland creatures that would eat us if they were bigger. They can't be trusted.

Lost rocked last night. You've seen the Hanso Corp ads right? Have you called the 800 number or tried to go to the websites they have?

I've tried the websites with no success.

At 1:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

CL, I've actually not done any of those Hanso ad things, but my friend did and while I don't have any details, he said it was cool. I have found some great Lost sites, thanks to Pii (Drowned at the River).

Also, cats are really cool creatures, overall. I was surprised I liked them, and I still do, although only to rent, not to buy.

Tom, PokerShare traffic is low because of a few things. From my understanding, it used to be a UltimateBet skin, and now it is on its own or maybe is affiliated with a new small network, so it needs to build a player base from scratch. Also, it is predominantly European, so when I am playing at 10pm, it is something like 4am where the European players are, so traffic will be low.

Still, the players are god aweful, and I like the action.

At 1:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adult cats are more able to restrain themselves from looking on ears and such as playthings. Good luck with the kitten.

The mookie was a blast last night...being seated between you and Waffles was quite the experience. I was a little concerned about the K, but I was more interested in your aggression. I figured it would be easier to see how you wanted to lead out. When the 2nd K fell on the turn, you weren't betting like you had a set. I figured I had the best 2 pair, so I'd see how much you wanted to play. Good times, man. See ya out there.

At 2:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the second K fell (KJx/K), I decided to represent the set by acting a bit weaker than my pre-flop bet indicated. I guess that backfired. Thanks for the input Hoff. I also figured that if I bet low, I could save some chips for my comeback. Great plan that turned out to be.

At 5:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So it goes. I understand your intentions, but you came off as more scared of the set instead of representing it. Meh. Part of the fun.


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