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All In Party

Thanks for the comments regarding yesterday's post. A big thanks to BSN, who apparently has GERD and told me that my symptoms match up. Thank god!

I'm looking forward to tonight, when I go to the All In Magazine premeire party at ESPN Zone cohosted or sponsored or something by Party Poker in NYC with Dave Roose and Robbie Hole. I got an email from Bhu Srinivasan, the partial owner of the mag, emailed me about my NY based blog to invite me to the soiree. I can appreciate anyone who treats bloggers like real life media! Hell, that' s because, in some ways, we are. In the end, we bloggers/blogs are a mix between a local self-published magazine or newspaper, and a knitting circle of gabbing ole ladies playing canaster. As many people in the marketing field know (I hope, unless I'm talking out of my ass, in which case, excuse my breath), sometimes word of mouth can be more powerful than a written ad campaign. All In Magazine gets it. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to rub elbows with other poker bloggers. Unfortunately, I know so very few by site.

I'm hoping they have a freeroll tourney. I don't see how they can't. I'm not 100%, but I'm going to give my GERD the works tonight, with free food and booze.

On the 45 SNG Challenge front, DrewsPop (aka CJ) is taking an early lead with 2 cashes in 6 games. I'm holding 2nd with my one 4th place finish. GCox has 3rd with his one 5th. Of course, many players have yet to really get going. One side effect is that whenever I go online lately, there is someone looking for a 45 SNG to play, and I'm usually game. Hell, BSN and I even entered one yesterday only to realize after we entered that we were playing in the same one.

That's all for today folks. Keep an eye out for my recap of the festivities tonight (or at least as much as I can remember).

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At 11:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nexium- really a life changer. Take if for a week or so and you'll forget you ever had GERD. AND you don't have to avoid any of those foods that cause heartburn. It's that good.

I was having chest pain and I was sure I had heart disease. Turned out to be GERD! No problems now, thanks to the little purple pill!

Maybe we could start a GERD support group. We can hold hands in a circle and relate stories about how GERD helped us get in touch with our feminine sides.

Or..maybe not.

At 12:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it too late the join the 45 person challenge?...

Initially, I just didn't think I could commit to it. But it sounds like soo much fun.

Let me know.


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