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Super Blech XL

Well, last night was a gambling debacle. My congratulations to the Steelers and SteelerJosh. I hate to say you told me so, but you did.

I lost almost every single bet possible yesterday. $6 on the cointoss...lost. $20 in boxes....lost. $40 on the Seahawks getting points....lost. $40 on two $20 NL tournaments....lost. $10 on bounties...lost. If it wasn't for betting $10 on the under (47 pts) and winning my 3rd HU SNG against Veneno in our best to 3 HU tourney (for a poker prize as yet undisclosed), it would have been a day of pure losing badness. I suppose coming in 2nd out of 5 to win back my buy-in in the $15 last chance tournament should count a bit too.

It was ridiculous, but I'm not too perturbed overall. I have $70 coming from bro-in-law Marc for all of the sports bets I placed for him online. This is nice because it is effectively withdrawing poker money, which I can place as a win on my ledger. For the year, I'm down about $150, so any help is good. With that in mind, I only need two more referrals on PSO to use my PSO points for a $100 gift certificate to Party Poker. Be a kind gent and hook that up for me, will ya?

Another saving grace was that yesterday was awesome. I had a great time with the crew of guys (and only guys, thankfully) that came over for poker and the game. There was a ton of beer, most of which was drank, catered food (okay, a long party sub, but that's catering, isn't it?), and a fun gambling crowd.

Mikey Aps went out first in the first tournament, followed by Robbie Hole. The game took forever, due mostly to small stacks consistently doubling up. I thought I played rather well, but ran into some trouble from Ilan. This would be the theme of the evening. An example from the second tournament, which was short-handed by this point. Ilan is directly on my left. I have 89o, but decide to limp in the SB. The flop is T high. I bet. He calls. The flop is a blank. I check. He checks. The river is an 8, the second highest card on the board. I bet, he calls with KT. His passive play there blew my mind. But he was right all along. In another big hand, I raised fairly largely preflop with 34c. Ilan called out of position. The flop was A34. Checked to me. I bet small. He calls. The turn is a 2. I bet small. He raises. I re-raise large. He calls. The river is an 8. He checks, I bet huge, he goes into the tank. There is a straight draw, and a possible flush. He decides to call. He has A2. Fucking turn!

But, overall, I played well. Someone even said so, although I don't remember who. That's the breaks, I guess. At least I placed in the last chance tourney.

Meanwhile, I had a great time hanging out, so it wasn't a complete loss.

While I'm recounting my losses, I'll add this. In the final plays, if the Seahawks made their touchdown/extra-point, I would've won my Seahawks +4.5 (but lost Seahawks +4) bet. But there was turnover. Suddenly, I realize that if the Steelers make a touchdown, I'd win the boxes pool. Nope, that didn't happen either. Cue the wacky horn noise.

That's it for now. I don't know if the Donkeys Always Draw Invitational III (aka DADIII) Heads Up Championship had been created yet at Stars, but go take a look for yourselves. It's on 2/17 (Friday) at 9PM EST, and for $10+1, you can play heads-up with the best online poker group you can find! Light it up!

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At 2:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I set it up yesterday. Good to go. Your You Decide post looks to be cut-off. Otherwise, good least you didn't have an o-fer in wins...that's gotta make the betting less difficult to, like you said, you had a good time...

At 3:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'll fix the You Decide. I meant to cut it our completely. In the future, I want the You Decide posts to be stand-alone posts, especially since people have been kind enough to leave comments. Thanks for the editing help, Trip.


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