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Finding My Stride

I just noticed more white hairs coming into my beard. I'm 26 and I'm already mostly bald. I joke that I don't mind finding gray hairs, because at least they are hairs. But a white beard! It's official. I'm no longer George Castanza. I'm officially Mr. Celine Dion! There couldn't be a worse fate.

Last night was a fabulous night of poker. Work kicked my ass first though. Right before heading out the door at 7:10, I was grabbed by the partner who is part of our 2-man team. As it turned out, a very important document was never filed on one of my cases. It was from before the case became mine, per se, but it would have been nice if I caught it. Unfortunately, those are the breaks when you are still a young pup at this law thing.

When I got home, I re-heated my dinner and sat down with wifey Kim. She continues to be the sunshine of my life, even if her taste in televisions leaves a lot to be desired. To her credit, she is slowly converting me, and I actually found myself enjoying the music stylings of the female contestants of American Idol. Also to her credit, wifey Kim didn't so much as flinch when I proceeded to comment on the physical attributes of the contestants. My bet is that Opera girl and blond safe girl (not blond my-father-is-in-jail-boo-hoo) are going to be tossed from the show on Friday. The male group looks like a freask show, and I'll probably be watching their performances tonight (thanks for the rerun, Lost!).

Fortunately, I bought a wireless card for my laptop that connects through the USB port. The port that used to hold the wireless card is not working and hasn't been in months, so I've been plugging the ethernet in directly. This has kept me tethered to my easy chair, which is only four feet from the couch. Now that I'm wireless, I'm free to move that 4 feet, and surprisingly, I think it might be helping my game. I can now be closer to wifey Kim, and a minor change of scenery has perked me up.

Thus, last night I found my stride. During Idol, I played some more 1/2 Limit on Party. The players there are really rather aweful, and I guess this is no news to anybody but me. My luck has been fairly good lately too, so my KK held up a couple of times, as did my JJ and a couple of other big hands. My QQ fell to T2, with me betting the entire way and him hitting his T for two pair on the river, but hey, that's poker. All in all, I won about $20+ playing there in about an hour. I also cleared a fifth of the raked hand requirement to get my bonus $25.

After wifey Kim fell asleep watching a DVR'ed Real World/Road Rules Challenge, I decided to play some more. I sat down for a $16 2-table turbo SNG on Stars. They have the weirdest buy-ins. I also entered a $13 2-table shorthanded (12-p) SNG on Stars. I was doing well in both, keeping above the average for the most part. I played smart too, keeping out of big hands and picking up pots when I could. Unfortunately, I lost the Shorthanded game. I don't even remember the hand well, because at that point I was just about on the bubble of the Turbo SNG. Turbos may be my niche. I can keep out of the fray long enough to outlast most of the competition. I was one of two shortstacks when it got to the bubble but I know how to play a shortstack and was able to double up to secure 3rd place. That's where I eventually went out, with a $30+ profit. I think these 2-table SNGs may be the way for me as well. I haven't had much luck hitting the top spot, but with $30+ profit for third, I can make do with thirds until I finally hit 1st. I don't recall the exact payout for 1st, but it must be near or over $100.

I was trying to get on the Undercard of the Veneno v. Katitude HU series scheduled for noon on Sunday. Poker Champ may be a lot of things, but I guess we can't include coward. As it turns out though, he doesn't think that he can make that time, so look for the Champ and I to have our best of 7 series on some future date. Sunday night right now looks to be the favorite. I would love some railbirds to join, so expect me to announce the date and time here.

I love poker, and so do you, so check up with me later and I'll have some more pokery goodness. I have been tabbing pages in Zen and the Art of Poker so I can share some of the better portions with you. But I'm still busy as fruck, so I'll be getting back to you all later.

Ooh! One last thing. Go to PokerSourceOnline immediately and sign up for the PSO Poker League. It's a series of $5.50 MTT events on Absolute Poker, with the first event tonight. You don't have to sign up for Absolute through PSO (you can have a pre-existing account), but you do have to sign up for at least one PSO promotion (if you've done one in the past, you are good to go). I suggest Bodog, which is very easy to complete. Go for the 6000 PSO points and use bonus code NEWYEAR on the page where you tell PSO your Bodog info. This will earn you 9000 PSO points. Check out PSO's point store to see the vast amount of stuff you can get with that. As for the League, if you play in 6 of the 10 events (or more than 6, and take your best 6 scores) and you have the best score, you win a seat to any $1500 WSOP event. 2nd through 5th pays a whole lot of PSO points, for more free merchandise (including gift certificates to Party Poker). In every tournament, 1st through 3rd also get PSO points, on top of their winnings (as I understand it.

Also, VegasPokerPro has a great option on their site. Click the Tournament Feed link and you can see all the upcoming MTTs on various sites all at once. It's much better than what I usually do, openning up sites, checking MTTs and closing them down looking for the best option. Thanks VPP!

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At 10:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jordan, curious to know what you think once you've completed Zen and the art. I enjoyed reading the book, but when it was all done, I don't actually think it was such a helpful book. I mean, I know I need to not tilt and to treat the other players with respect even when I lose, etc. I need help in HOW to do that, not in KNOWING to do that. I wonder if you feel the same way.

At 10:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are dead-on Hoyazo. The benefit of a book like Zen is that WHILE YOU READ IT, I, presonally, am more able to reach that Zen state. But I'm sure it'll wear off once I'm done. We shall see.

At 10:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't even have to have done a PSO promotion. All you have to do is have a real money account at Absolute and join PSO, which is free.

Sweet deal considering the tourneys have a total of $10K guaranteed overlay.

At 1:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jordan...I will be looking for you on absolute tonight. It should be a good event. I look forward to see who will last longer!!!

At 4:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep posting reminders for the HU matches w/ Poker Champ--I don't want to forget and miss this.

It's gonna be GOLD!


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