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Roose's Issue or You Decide #19

First off, look at the post below and help a blogger out.

Second, I was reading SirF's blog, and thinking about his self-proclaimed feelings of entitlement. It reminded me of a conversation I had with brother from another mother Dave Roose outside of Genoa club last night. Dave was the first player out of the tournament. I was the second. He was steaming from his loss and was angry about Kevin, a black guy who plays good aggressive poker. The hand between Dave and Keving went like this:

You Decide #19

Preflop, I limp, K raises from 50 (BB) to 200 0r 250. Joe (J) calls. D calls. I fold. All others fold too.

Flop is As2c4s. K bets 600. J folds. Dave raises it to 1200. K thinks for a minute and then calls.

Turn is 8c. K checks. D bets 400, and leaves his remaining 200 or so in his stack. K pushes. D and K have even stacks, so D calls the final 200.

The river is a 2h. Dave shows AQ for pair of Aces, Queen kicker. Kevin shows A8 for two pair, Aces and Eights.

Dave was steamed, but as far as I can tell, he played the hand perfectly. His reason for not pushing his whole 600 after the turn was not necessarily correct. According to him, it was an early hand and he didn't want to put it all in yet. However, to me, it still looks like a good play because K could've felt like D had a monster and wanted to look weak. In the end, K hit a 3 outer, and successfully got D to bet it for him. BUT, D should've bet there regardless. K knew that, but it doesn't make D's play necessarily bad. He could have been protecting from a flush or a two pair suckout.

What do you think? I'm sure Dave would love your input.

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