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Profiting from the Poor

First, congratulations to Kipper, for placing in a $15 freezeout MTT on Titan. I always feel a bit of pride when one of my fellow bloggers win an MTT.

The tables have not been particularly good to me. On that same token, they haven't been particularly bad. Lately, it seems like my wins and losses are directly dependent on the cards I am dealt. If I get dealt good cards, I win big. If I am cold decked, I lose. Seems obvious, I know. But this is not always the case.

Last night, I played 1/2 Limit on UB. I lost $15. This morning, I was down a bunch more when I noticed that two players were calling down with nothing. Absolutely Nothing! I mean T2 with an AAA67 board! I was down, but in one hand, I totally caught up and won back my $15 from the night before. I had AK and raised pre-flop. The K high flop put me in great position. I re-raised someone's bet and everyone called. I raised the rest of the way and continued to get callers. I knew I was ahead because no one was re-raising, and if anyone had 2-pair at this table, a re-raise was expected. Of course, I won the huge pot.

So, I realized that this is how I am going to end my losing streak: from profiting from the poor players. It's another obvious point. But in the land of 3-tables and auto-poker (when I make moves without thinking), a little bit of observation goes a long way. Thank you crappy players, for being slightly more crappy than me!

Listen Poker, we are bigger than US Steel!

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