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The 5-Diamond Poker Invitational (Poker Week Day 2)

Sunday afternoon was the Five Diamond Invitational Bouty Poker Tournament, the first poker game held in my new apartment, 5-D. The players numbered 12, with a varied group, including Robbie Hole (who jumped in last minute), Mikey "Deusche Boyd" Aps, Dave Ruff, Betsy the Female Poker Impressario, and Dan "The Silent Killer" Mauck. I would love to give a detailed account of the game, but my poker overload being what it is, I'll do my best. In the first game, I made it to the final table (down to 8), but lost in 7th place or so. I don't remember the hand anymore, but I believe I may've made an all-in move with top pair, and was beaten by two pair. I think it was all Ruff on this one, which I don't particularly mind. If there is anything to be said about Ruff, it is that he is a good guy all around. He's trustworthy, smart, and a damn solid poker player. He may not be the flashiest, loudest guy, but it would obnoxious is everyone were like me. Instead, Ruff is the type of player who is friendly, polite, and slowly taking everyone's chips. The table was down to five, including Mikey Aps, Ruff, Hole, Betsy, and Jake, when Hole and Jake pushed all-in with small stacks. I don't know the order, but I do know that Betsy called. Hole had Ax (rumor has it AT or A6!), Jake had 88, and Betsy had AQ. People questioned Betsy's move, but it got it done. She took out two players, earning their bounties and placing in the top three with Aps and Ruff. Eventually, fatigue set in and Bets went out 3rd. With her bounties, she made a decent bit of change. Aps and Ruff finally chopped when Ruff doubled-up bringing their stacks to about even. Both Ruff and Aps had most of the bounty chips (earned for taking out other players and redeemable at the end of the tourney for $10 each), so it looks like the bounty idea didn't change too much. The only non-winner to receive a bounty was Dan K, whose poker prowess is not to be, except for at the 5-Diamond, cause he lost. But, you get the point. Aps was running the game the entire time. He was constantly a chip leader, and at one point his stack was towering over the rest. Aps is the opposite of Ruff, in many ways. He's loud and talkative at the table. He borders on obnoxious, and some might suggest that he has crossed that border years ago. Regardless, he is a great player. That cannot be discounted.

When it was down to 3 players on the main tournament, Big Al, Mark and Jake (all from the Aps Clan) decided that they wanted to play a quickie tournament. I joined, and we played a $20 Turbo, 10 min round game. I treaded water for a bit, but lost a devastating hand to Mark. I was down to about 17 chips (from 100) with 4/8 blinds on the button, when I see AhQh. I push (rule of 10), and get called by Al and Mark. The flop held two hearts, and I rivered the 5th one for the nut flush. I tripled up, and suddenly was back in contention. Not too long later, Big Al was out, followed by Jake. It was me v. Mark, who I believe is the best player in the group. I've heard him talk about poker, calling players' hands and offering a general insight into the game that no one else can compare to in our humble group. On one prior occassion over a year ago, I received my best compliment from him. We were playing, and whenever he bet I happened to be holding a hand. Fearing him, I always raised, and he repeatedly called. Finally he said, "I've got to hand it to you. You have me read. I can't do anything against you." I smiled, and thought how lucky I was. My biggest opponent thought I was better than I was. I wasn't going to correct him. I was a large chipleader heads up, but that didn't last long. Mark slowplayed me to take down a hand. Suddenly we had even stacks. "Wanna chop?" he asked. Done and done. We both took $40, and I had an official win for the night (although still down money).

Finally, we played a second tournament with 8 remaining players. I was out first after getting shortstacked with an under-two-pair. With little chips left (but enough to warrant a fold from the BB, Aps), I pushed with 88. Aps called with 79, and rivered a 9. It sucks. But at least I had time to clean up while they finished the game.

Overall, I lost $30 on the day, which isn't too bad. I had pocket Aces once, but otherwise didn't get any other pocket pairs over 6s. I also had AQ once and AK once, but otherwise no good hands. Being cold-decked sucks, but it's poker. I don't entirely blame myself for my losses, although I did make some mistakes. Also, don't take this recap too literally, as a lot of memory has faded. I do know who won and lost though. Those you can take to the bank.

I look forward to a future mega-tourney (20 people hopefully) at Aps' place in the guture. Thanks for reading. Poker's up!

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