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Back in the Saddle and You Decide #6

First off, let me say welcome to Newbie Poker. I found Newbie Poker's blog while following random links from other blogs. He's got an interesting angle on poker, being that he is from (and lives in) Sweden. Plus, he's a newbie, so its an interesting read hearing how he plans to tackle the game.

Now for the quick recap of last night's action. Overall, it was a successful night. In the last hand (hand report to follow), I won a $80+, which is huge for .25/.50 NLHE. Overall, my table image hurt me. Apparently, I AM known for being a loud-mouth bully. Unintended, I swear. In the future, I will keep my mouth in check. I just think its funny to say stuff like, "Hide you money, 'cause Jordan is here!" when I walk in. Is that so wrong? I consider it all fun and games. But I can see why that and my natural cockiness at the table may cause people to think of me as a bully.

The worst part is, a lot of the players had me read right. I mean, I was doing okay on my reads too. I was able to call a couple of hands and fold beat hands. I didn't pay enough attention at the table, but I was head-and-shoulders more concentrated than at Hole's house two days ago. Score one for sobriety! But in general, a couple of players were able to call my bullying bluffs. For instance, on one hand, with little to work with, the flop came down with KJJ, or something thereabout. Ruff, a solid player, had raised preflop, and Bridge and I called. I held 35 diamonds, but I figured that if I outdrew either player, I could bet paid big. Unfortunately, post flop, Ruff makes a weak 2.50 raise, I smelled opportunity, and raised it to 7. He called. Checked on the next card. I raised it 8, and he went all in. I made a show of counting him down and then I laid down my hand. Even after my big show, Ruff and Hole were convinced (correctly) that I was bluffing and bullying.

I tried using my table image to my advantage. There were two particular hands that stood out, one good, one bad. I'm dealt JJ in the SB. I think I raised to 1 preflop. Ruff and Big Al (there is a big Al at just about every game I go to) called. The flop was 2JJ, which was odd, since (a) I hit quads, and (b) everyone was talking earlier about how J and 2 usually come out together. Well, I thought, and then raised $3. I was trying to look like a bully. Shit, thats what everyone thought I was. But both players folded. If I had checked, I probably could've induced a bluff. But I figured they'd call me because I'm "a bluffer and a bully." Jerks!

The last hand of the game, I got KK in late position. I check. The SB, Ruff, raises to 2. Hole, UTG, re-raised to $3.50. I thought for a minute...I'll show them bully...$18.50! They way I saw it, one of them probably had another high pair, and it probably wasn't Aces. But they'd call because I am a bully...right?! Ruff took at least 5 min to decide. During that I stood up. My heart was pounding. I made a big point that I was nervous. I figured that it might tip them off that I had a big hand, but more likely their decision had more to do with their confidence in their hand than in mine. In fact, Ruff stated that I had nothing, and he was more worried about Hole acting behind him. Ruff folded, and I internally scolded myself. But then Hole, who is often a loose player, called. Big pot coming up. The flop was AKQ, with two clubs. Hole checked to me. I thought for a moment, and then raised $20, hoping to make the table think that I was bluffing some more. And if he folded, at least I didn't have to worry about him sucking out with a straight or flush. Hole called, leaving him with less than 25 in chips (maybe even less than 15). The next card was an offsuit 9. Hole announced, I have to go all in now, and did just that. I called and did not even bother to count his chips. I showed my KK to oohs and ahhs. Hole showed a Q9, for two pair, made on the turn. I prayed for no Q or 9, but I now realized that I had him beat no matter what. His Q or 9 would've made me a better full house. With that hand, I went from up 30 or less to up 75. And that was that.

You Decide #6
One last hand. I was on the BB with TT. Most players before me folded, and I raised to 1.50. Timmy Bones, in the SB, called. He's a solid player, who I dont see bluff often. Ruff, in the BB, pushed all in for another $13.50. What's a man to do? He could have me beat, but I put him on AK or AQ. I called. Bones complained about how he wanted to call, and then laid it down. I was right. Ruff had AK. Bones showed his folded hand, AK as well. I was looking good. Five cards later, and my tens held up. I'm still not sure if I played this hand well. I had another flashback to my Vegas catastrophe, in which I folded pre-flop TT, when my $7 raise was reraised by another $47, and the bettor had 88, with a called with 55. TT came out on the flop, and I missed my quads because I feared the heavy raise. So, what do you think, people? Lets say you have no read on your opponent. Is TT a hand to call big all-in raise, heads up? I'm honestly not quite sure. You are probably taking a coin flip gamble, but I think I am good enough that maybe I shouldn't be exposing myself to that sort of risk when I can definitely win money on later hands with less exposure.

That's all folks. See you next time. Same URL, Same Poker Blogger.

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At 4:19 PM, Blogger doubleas said...

It depends :). Seriously though, TT is not hand to get all-in with deep stacks preflop. You're a 50/50 with QJ, much less JJ or better.

If you have a read on your opponent and know that they'll push with AK-22, then your equity goes up and the call becomes easier.

At 4:44 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

I think you have it right, double A. The size of his re-raise (~14, to a 1.50 raise before him) belies a person who is trying to protect a decent hand that might not materialize or hold up, i.e., 22-99, or AK, AQ, etc. Sometimes I make decisions at the table based on a hunch. I'd like to think that this hunch is not just luck, but rather a subconscious suspicion based on a players style and move. I think thats what happened here. If he had AA or KK, his all in would've been a bad move because most people would fold (I actually play AA and KK this way on purpose, but I don't think most people do). I was more concerned with QQ and JJ, because he may have been scared of AK, Ax or even Kx suckouts. As it went, it paid off this time. Who knows about next time though...

Thanks for posting, and good points.


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