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Back to Back (Part II)

I called this and the last posting Back to Back because of the game I played on Tuesday night. I rarely play more than once weekly, but I made an exception as it was a last minute situation and my friend needed a player.

The game was at a stranger's house, named Chris, a co-worker to my fraternity brother/college friend Lean. When I arrived, shortly after a long day of work, the game was 5-handed. I bought in for $20 (.25/.50 NL ring game) and played relatively tight to start off. I eventually won two huge hands, nearly back to back off of the host, Chris. Chris was a newbie. It was his third time playing, and his only time losing.

In my first big hand (my memory is a little weak, due to the 40oz of OE), I preflop raised to 2 dollars. Apparently, this is unheard of there, because the table groaned. I held KJ suited spades on the button, and was looking to push out some players and/or look stronger than I was. The flop was ATX, with two spades (one of which was the Ace). With a flush draw, I bet $4. Only Chris called. The next card was an K. I hit the Ks. Chris checked, I bet $6. Chris thought for a while and called. On the final card, a blank, nearest I can recall, Chris checked and I raised $10. I thought I had him beat, because he would have come out stronger if he paired the As. He certainly wouldn't have thought over the previous calls as long as he did. Correctly, I pegged him as a rookie who would not yet know to act at the table. He reasoned aloud that I must have had a high pocket pair, because I raised preflop. I was not going to argue with him. Surprisingly, he called, and I showed my pair of Ks. He had pocket 9s. I told him he did a good job, reasoning that I probably had a pocket pair. I encouraged him by saying that the post-flop call was a good one, as he had me beat before I got lucky. Essentially, I was trying to reassure him that he was playing correctly, so that I could benefit in the future. And that is what I did.

The next hand was a quick fold. But just after, I looked down at two Kowboys winking at me in the big blind. With pocket Ks, and the memory that everyone had of my recent rare preflop raise followed by a big pot win, I repeated myself and raised to $2. Three people called (Chris, Lean, and one other). The flop came down K93, with two clubs (including the K). The table checked around to me. I thought of copying my earlier betting structure, but decided that I wanted to keep people in the hand against my set of Ks. I raised $2. One person folded, Chris and Lean called. The next card was a 9 off suit. I was looking at a full house. The table checked to me and I raised $4. Both called. The final card came off, J of clubs. I was a happy man. If someone hit the flush, they'd have a hard time laying it down. The table checked to me and I raised $9. Chris thought long and hard. Again, he started thinking aloud. He asked, what could someone possibly have with a board like that. I explained: a flush with two clubs, a straight, a full house, and anything else besides a straight flush. Interestingly, he asked, how could someone had a full house. I explained, a 93, a K9, a 33, a JJ, etc. would do it. Note, I didn't mention KK. He said that those hands were very unlikely. I acted casual. He called, and Lean called too. I showed my boat, and heard more groans. Both other players showed their hands. Chris had the nut flush and Lean had a straigh (QT in hand). Ouch. And KACHING!

By the end of the hour, we lost two players and were playing 4-handed. Less than an hour later, and we were 3-handed. Eventually, it was just me and Marcos (friend of Leans and semi-regular at my home game). We ended up playing PL Omaha heads up. It was a good change of pace, and I made some money. Eventually, however, two other players entered the game, and a couple of weak plays later, I was up only $25. It was time to call it quits. My 2 day total was $139, bringing my 2005 total to $154, a far cry from my former peak of $505, but a fine comeback a weak after being down to $15.

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