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$100 Hover

I'm still hovering around $100 on Full Tilt. Its better than losing, but I wouldn't mind some upward progress. I placed 2nd in a $10 NLHE SNG. Overall, I played solid. Tight hand selection, broken up by some random action to keep them all guessing.

Hand #1
I was dealt 55, utg+1. Utg folded. I call 30. Two players in Late Position call. SB folds. BB calls. 4 Players in the Hand.

The flop is 4c 5h 9s, giving me three of a kind. SB checks. I bet 120, a pot sized bet. One of the players in late position (MonkeyTrap) raises to 240. All other players fold. I raised it to 510. Monkey called.

The turn is Jc. I bet 450. MonkeyTrap calls.

The river is Kd. There is no fear of a flush and a very slight chance of a straight. I bet 480, all in. Monkey calls, and pays me off. He had 9T. Sucker. I win the pot (3,045) with three of a kind, Fives, and take the lead.

Hand #2
I am the SB with 2c 9c. MrStealth in middle position calls 60. Ritalin, on the button calls 60. I call and BB checks.

The flop is 9d 2s Qc. Its the small blind special. For half the price you get a chance to flop a premium hand. I bet a small 180. BB folds, MrStealth raises all in for 1,355. Ritalin folds. Opportunity knocks and I kick the door in. I call and show my two pair. He has Qs Kd. Neither the turn, nor river help him and I take out another player. Love that small blind special. I triumphantly announce: Didnt expect the 29!

The Last Hand
I've been suffering from suckout syndrome. Its happening a shit load, but I feel good about it, since it means that I am putting my money in with the best of it. During the tourney, for instance, I checked my stats when it was down to 4 players. I had won 100% of the showdowns I had played until that point. Not too shabby.

For the final hand, I held KK, and was 2nd to act. The slight chip leader raised to double the blinds, 400. I doubled that to 800. He raised to 4200. I had no choice but to go all in. He held AJ suited clubs. The flop was three clubs. The turn and river were two Js. I lost, but I had no choice in the matter. At least I can't hold myself accountable.

Thanks for reading people. Good luck to all of you, and hopefully good luck to me as well.

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